Day 4 – Something Green

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green star

This small green star is from my fairy lights that a good friend bought me, I love them! This particular friend was round today for a spot of Dr. Who watching and dinner. We also made some pirate lego which was almost my other ‘something green’ but I went with this in the end as I preferred the picture.



Day 3 – clouds

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clouds outside my front door


Sorry for the delay of these pictures going up, I’m having issues uploading from my ipod.

Day Two – what I wore

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what I wore

Combination of kickboxing, and one25 started off with an amazing brunch from Luke Carter and a guitar lesson.

Busy Friday, finished my day at 2am hence why the post is a day late!

Day One – Self Portrait

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Self Portrait

So, I have decided that I do not blog enough or take enough photos, so I have therefore decided to, for the month of Sept do a 30day photo challenge.

Today is a self portrait. I have some of the things that make me up in here, sunflowers (an important word God said to me once was about sunflowers so I have them round my mirror to remind me of that) books. Pirates (this little pirate fellow has brought me much amusement over the years!
And of course me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s photo….


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This is from

Sums up a verse I was given over the weekend. 1 corinthians 16v14 look it up if you’re interested!

more blogging later…promise

shoes of…

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So, I consider myself a reasonably eclectic person, and I think this little collection of shoes in my week about sums it up. From my walking boots, bought me by my Grandma who I miss dearly (<3) to my beautiful red shoes that I bought for the now Mrs. Rachel Feirn’s wedding.

The next pair of my shoes, is my running trainers that I got off my old housemate Claire. These have seen me through one half marathon and will see me through the next one that I’ve just started training for. They’re not particularly fashionable or stylish, but they look after my feet and back when I’m running and that’s important.

...wonder shoes


These are my new gold shoes, well, I bought them before Christmas but I forgot I had them and so found them in boot the other week just in time for the nice weather! These beauties are versatile for whatever should come my way, i can even manage long walks round vassals in them!


Pirate shoes of confidence

The last shoes I’ll showcase are my pirate boots of confidence. These are what I wear when I need to get things done. They represent my going out, efficient, be the change you want to see side of who I am.


Obviously there are also my battered converse that are falling apart and probably plenty of others as well, but all these shoes leave a mark on my feet. in some way or another. I was reminded last night that these marks are important, they make up who I am. But God asks us to have shoes of peace. peaceful shoes, shoes of shalom, wholeness, completeness. How does that work then? Obviously in no way that earthly shoes would, but the good news of what God has done in my life should and does most of the time, give me the confidence to walk into places more confidence than even more pirate shoes do. This good news should mean more to me than the sentimentality of the shoes my Grandma bought me, should keep me stable and sure footed more so than my walking boots that sometimes slip. the truth of what God has done in my life should give me the support to run fast and long in whichever direction God is calling me. They should also give me the freedom to live life to the full.


Good job this comes from God because I could spend all my life looking for something that does all of this.


You Have No Power Over Me

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I love this clip

This was one of my favourite films growing up and now that I’m older I still love it. This scene shows the way in which the devil can trick us into thinking that he is more powerful than God and how easily he lies and manipulates us.

Thank you God that you say: In this world we will have trouble but take heart, for I have defeated the world. (john 16v33)